Welcome Back to Central Park

29 May 2020

Central Park’s priority is the health and safety of our employees, tenants and visitors. To ensure our everyone feels confident and at ease, Central Park has implemented COVID-19 safety procedures.


We are excited to welcome back our tenants and visitors to Central Park. See below of how we are taking care of our tenants and visitors.

Welcome Back to Central Park

Physical Distancing
Whether arriving at work, grabbing a coffee, relaxing in the park or anything in between, please practise safe physical distancing. Signage is installed in the lobby, park and other common areas reminding everyone of the need to keep their distance.

In accordance with Safe Work Australia’s guidelines for lift usage and distancing requirements, our lifts are programmed to allocate no more than 4 passengers at a time.

It has been necessary to limit the number of people who can use the end-of-trip and the conference centre. The seating outside the retailers has also been limited to meet the physical distancing requirements.

Cleaning procedures at Central Park has been enhanced. We will continue to follow the advice from the Department of Health and State Government and review our cleaning protocols as required. 

Our cleaners use hospital grade disinfectant to regularly clean the high touchpoints throughout the common areas of the building.

Hand Sanitiser
Hand sanitiser units are installed in the lobby, and for all common area bathrooms, hand sanitiser bottles are provided. We encourage you to use them regularly.

The Park
Please practice distancing whilst using the park. Unfortunately, it has been necessary to withdraw the use of bean bags and picnic blankets until further notice, but there’s no reason you can’t bring your own.

Hay Street Food Retailers at Central Park
Alfresco seating along Hay Street and in front of Roll’d has been limited in accordance with Government regulation.

Soul Origin, Roll’d, Curry House, Mad Mex, Tokyo Station, Gramercy and Hemingway are open for delivery, takeaway/pick up or dine-in. Let’s get back into supporting our local food retailers click here for more information.