Coffee Cup Recycling Station

02 Oct 2020

Help us make a difference and dispose of your cups correctly, with our new coffee cup recycling separation stations.


Did you know three billion takeaway coffee cups are placed in bins annually? More information below.

Coffee Cup Recycling Station

The majority of us start the morning with a coffee. However, the downside to Australia’s addiction is that approximately three billion takeaway coffee cups are placed in bins annually. That's 60,000 kilograms of plastic waste from coffee cups directed to landfill per year.
One coffee cup alone can contaminate a bag of recycling material - sending it to landfill.

To assist with this issue, Central Park now has 2 recycling separation coffee cup bins to encourage coffee drinkers to appropriately dispose of their cups. Have you seen them yet? You can't miss them, they are large and located in the cafe and retail arcade (near the lifts). 

It's easy to recycle. Simply remove the lid from the coffee cup, tip any left over coffee into the tip section and place the lid and the cup in the appropriate sections. 

We all know that avoiding disposable cups is the most sustainable way to drink coffee. You can play your part by using your reusable keep cup. However, if your favourite coffee shop is currently not allowing to use of reusable cups, don't forgot to recycle your disposable coffee cup in our new recycling bins. 

Take action and recycle!

Can't find them just ask our Concierge, who will point you in the right direction.