Roll'ds New Meal Box

30 Sep 2020

An all-in-one cooking kit that brings traditional Vietnamese recipes to life, and to your dining table.


All ingredients provided, instructions included, and no MasterChef skills required. More information below.

Roll'ds New Meal Box

At Roll’d we live for food and family. Our delicious food would not be possible without the tradition of teaching the next generation secret family recipes and of course, some helping hands! We want you to be a part of our journey and our family, that’s why we have created these meal boxes so you can bring a little bit of our heritage into your homes! 

Each box contains the ingredients to prepare four servings of one of our signature dishes – perfect for a small family or for you and a friend (with leftovers for the next day!). All the ingredients are pre-cut, chopped and washed, and will only require a few pantry basics like oil and water. Get ready to experience our range of Vietnamese cuisine right in your home!

Different flavours will be launched fortnightly. Order yours today via the Roll'd App or with OrderUp