Mental Health Month at Central Park

04 Oct 2021

It's even more important than ever that we take care of mental health. We are hosting a range of activities to benefit our customers mind and body and to celebrate Mental Health Month in October.

Past Events

Research shows that mindfulness can help you manage mental health and stress while increasing your productivity and performance in the workplace. More details below.

Mental Health Month at Central Park

Wellbeing Pop-ups
In celebration of Mental Health Month, we have invited local businesses that are making waves in the mental health space to join us in the lobby to showcase what they are all about.

At the Mental Wellbeing Pop-ups, there will be plenty of sampling, connecting, and learning about ways to help you optimise your mental wellbeing.

Connect with the following businesses in the Lobby:

  • Tuesday 19 October at 11.00am-1.00pm
    Mind Body Lounge (enjoy a complimentary massage, brain tap trial) + Free Spirit Drinks Co (for delicious and refreshing non-alcoholic wines, champagnes and beers).
  • Tuesday 26 October at 11.00am-1.00pm
    Pure Tea (taste their popular chamomile blend which aims sleep and many others) + Serenity Wellness Collective (grab yourself one of their mindful essential oil blends).


Mindful Monday
Central Park customers can join mindfulness experts every Monday during the month of October to learn practical ways to renew, recharge and be present. We invite you to invest 30 minutes each Monday on your mental health.

Take part in one or more of the below Mindful Monday sessions - all have a different theme so you can experience different modalities of mindfulness:

  • Monday 4 October at 12.00-12.30pm - Sound healing with Julian Silburn (mindfulness through sound)
  • Monday 11 October at 12.00-12.30pm - Meditation with Narelle Weir (introduction to meditation)
  • Monday 18 October at 12.00-12.30pm - Breathwork with Kylie Falconer (breath awareness)
  • Monday 25 October at 12.00-12.30pm - Meditation with Narelle Weir (meditation and essential oils)

If you are interested in participating in these sessions, please book via the tenant portal here. 

    Wellbeing Check-ins
    We are facing a much talked about mental health crisis with a third of corporate Australia feeling stressed, anxious and overwhelmed. With all the uncertainty and changes happening in your life have you struggled to prioritise your health? Feeling sluggish or fatigued? Stress getting the best you?

    A 1:1 wellbeing check-in with a qualified Wellbeing Coach will address your unique wellbeing challenges and give you the opportunity to learn and be supported to simplify and structure your ‘busy life’ towards creating healthy habits in the realms of energy, nutrition, mind, sleep, connection, movement and purpose. Start to find more time and achieve greater wellbeing.

    All wellbeing check-ins are completely confidential and available for Central Park customers only. If you are a CP customer, book via the tenant portal here.