Simple tactics to increase collaboration in your workplace

16 Mar 2023

Whether you’re working from an office space or a remote work setting, collaboration is always key. Learn how to improve team collaboration in your workplace.


Whether you’re working from an office space or a remote work setting, collaboration is always key. Learn how to improve team collaboration in your workplace.

Simple tactics to increase collaboration in your workplace

If you’ve worked in a team setting, big or small, you’ve almost certainly been in a situation where you needed to collaborate with others. Collaboration is universally seen as a positive, allowing colleagues and teams to come together in service of tasks and projects that could not be completed alone. But are we getting as much as we can out of collaboration? There’s a big difference between a work setting that sees teamwork as purely a means to an end and one that embraces its many facets in a holistic manner. The latter setting will likely nourish a collaborative environment, facilitating both professional and personal growth in the process. 
At Central Park, we believe that collaboration is the key to excellence. In this blog, we explore the benefits of collaboration, as well as some simple ways to promote it in your work environment that go beyond the transactional. 

The importance of teamwork and collaboration

It’s no secret that humans are social creatures. Whether it be work, sport, or creative pursuits, we tend to thrive in team settings, especially when they have been constructed with collaboration in mind. The creation and nourishment of a team identity increases employee engagement and satisfaction. It also promotes innovation, as colleagues share skills and knowledge with one another, bringing diverse perspectives to workplace activities. 

How to improve collaboration in the workplace

Nurture a culture of communication 

Collaboration and communication go hand in hand. That’s why, of all the steps to building an effective team culture, establishing conventions around communication in the workplace should be a number one priority, especially ones that forester honesty and openness and encourage the sharing of insight and resources. For example, your team may choose to establish guidelines on when it’s appropriate to use email, instant messaging, or in-person / virtual meetings as the chosen mode of communication so that team members’ expectations are aligned. By the same token, it may be appropriate to build in stretches of limited communication, such as ‘do-not-disturb’ time, to ensure colleagues are not getting burnt out or overly distracted from too much communication. Establishing these conventions helps to enshrine effective communication practices within your team, encouraging creativity and collaboration. 

Encourage team building

When we hear the phrase ‘team building’, we tend to think of one-off activities or social events. Though these are useful and important, meaningful team building occurs on a day-to-day basis and is essential for creating a collaborative atmosphere. Some simple ways to do this include establishing the company’s mission as a team mantra, defining team goals collaboratively and celebrating and rewarding successful teamwork, highlighting team members’ individual strengths, leading by example, and offering mentorship opportunities to encourage knowledge sharing between colleagues at different career stages.  

Invest in collaborative spaces

As hybrid working models become increasingly widespread, it’s more important than ever that teams have dedicated spaces for collaboration. Whether real or virtual, these spaces help to nurture a community work environment where collaboration and co-creation are able to flourish. If your team has a dedicated office location, nominate a specific area to be the designated collaboration hub, where colleagues or whole teams can come together and flesh out ideas. If you all work remotely, consider investing in a serviced office space that can be used on a flexible basis when a task requires in-person collaboration, or find a cafe or library space that can accommodate you and your team. 

Don’t forget to socialise 

Getting out of the work environment with your colleagues is a great way to add depth to your relationships and build a stronger foundation for collaboration within your team. Depending on your workplace culture, this might mean organising a dedicated team-building event or it may be something less formal, such as team members spending an hour or so catching up on a Friday afternoon at a bar or cafe once work is finished. Dedicating time to socialising with your colleagues builds community, which in turn fosters an atmosphere of resilience, equipping you and your team to tackle challenges head-on using a collaborative approach. 

Central Park supports your workplace collaboration 

At Central Park, we’re proud to offer a number of facilities that can help strengthen the collaborative spirit of your team. From our lush parklands, with plenty of space to lay out a picnic rug for an impromptu meeting,  to our bustling cafes and eateries, including Tokyo Station and the Gramercy Bar and Kitchen, we’re ready to host your next out-of-office collaboration session or social event. 

Are you looking for a flexible, office environment to meet your team’s collaboration needs? Enquire about leasing with Central Park today