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Recycle Your Coffee Cup Tray

Help the Australian Red Cross Soup Patrol feed the homeless in our community!

How you can help? Every time you order multiple coffees and take them back to the office in a coffee cup tray, bring the tray down to the Green Room located on Basement 3 of the Tenant Car Park. Place the trays in the marked grey bin, so that it can be collected by an Australia Red Cross Soup Patrol Volunteer and used to serve soup to homeless families. It also helps reduce waste on your Planet, so it’s a WIN all around!

Every night of the year, the Australian Red Cross Soup Patrol van goes out to serve a hot evening meal to homeless people in the Fremantle and Perth areas. The meals consist of Soup, Bread and Fruit. Coffee cup trays are used to allow families to safely carry cups of soup away with them.

Every donation helps mantain the supply of these consumables and ensure the continuation of the service.

Help make a difference.