The best ways to commute to work without a car

07 Jun 2023

Learn more about the alternative ways to get to work and discover how Central Park can help make your journey a smooth one with our world-class facilities.


For many Perth workers, commuting by car is becoming less and less appealing.

The best ways to commute to work without a car

There are a number of factors driving this attitudinal shift, from concerns around carbon emissions to increased traffic and congestion in the expanding metropolitan area. Fortunately, there are a growing number of alternatives available to commuters that mean they can either leave their car at home or dispose of it altogether. 

Alternative ways to get to work 

Taking public transport 

Public transport in Perth is becoming increasingly accessible, with more and more locations being connected through ongoing infrastructure expansions. One of the most recent projects to be completed was the new airport line, which opened in late 2022 and connected Perth’s airport to the train system for the first time. It also saw the addition of new stations in Redcliffe and High Wycombe. 

Perth commuters can choose between bus, train and ferry options, though many maximise the efficiency of their journey by strategically combining these modes of transport. There is also a free CAT bus service that operates within the inner-city area, making it easy to get from one end of town to the other without spending a dollar. 


On the back of WA’s 2022-23 state budget and their record investment of $347 million to support the ongoing development of the state’s cycling and walking infrastructure, it’s never been a better time to be a cyclist in Perth. Cycling affords a number of benefits, including improved mental and physical health, and also makes it much easier to navigate the city during peak traffic periods. Cyclists also save money on parking fees and, in the case of Central Park tenants, have access to our luxurious End of Trip facilities, where they can relax and freshen up before starting the work day, or even perform minor fixes at our bike repair bench.   

Using an electric scooter 

Though still a relatively recent arrival in Perth, electric scooters, or e-scooters, are becoming increasingly popular among commuters, especially those looking to pair the healthy dose of fresh air you get from cycling to work with the convenience of a motorised form of transport. An added bonus is that riders are unlikely to need a shower or a change of clothes after commuting by e-scooter, making it a more time-efficient mode of transport if you’re in a rush to get to the office and start work straight away.  

In March 2023, The City of Perth introduced a two-year trial, during which e-scooters would be made available throughout the city, with riders able to hire them through a mobile application. This is a great opportunity to try out a new means of transport without having to commit to an upfront purchase. 

Walking, running or jogging 

Similar to cyclists, there is an increasing range of infrastructure in place to support walkers, runners and joggers as they move around the metro area and even the CBD. These activities are all great ways to commute because they ensure that you’re starting and ending your work day with physical activity, not to mention creating opportunities throughout the day to engage in mindfulness exercises. 

Need somewhere to place your work clothes and to change after your jog, at Central Park, these concerns are put to rest by our state-of-the-art End of Trip facilities, where you’ll have access to lockers, change rooms, showers, a complimentary towel service and a drying room where you can freshen up your athleticwear for the journey home. 

Mixed-mode commuting 

Bringing together any and all of the aforementioned options, mixed-mode commuting combines multiple transport methods and may be chosen for a variety of reasons. 

For one, it may be the most convenient way for you to get from A to B. This could be because you live reasonably close to a train station that takes you all the way to work, but because there isn’t a connecting bus or a big enough car park at the station, it makes the most sense for you to cycle there before jumping on the train. 

Another reason might be that you’re trying to bring exercise into your daily routine, so you choose to get off the train a station early or the bus a few stops before your office so that you can walk the final 15 minutes and arrive alert and refreshed.

Whatever your reasoning, mixed-mode commuting provides the most flexibility and is probably something a lot of commuters do without even realising it. 

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