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Return and Reuse Bags

Research shows that while people now remember their reusable bags for their weekly shop, they tend to forget to take their bags when popping out for lunch or other shopping trips during the work day.

To assist with this, Central Park are supplying our tenants with reuse and return bags. Located at the Concierge desk, these handy, roll up reusable bags are designed to provide an environmentally-friendly option for city workers. Please return them to the Concierge desk after use.

This initiative is brought to you the National Retail Association and the Western Australian government.

Taking care of the reusable bags

  • Please take care when using the bags so that sharp objects do not rip or tear the bag.
  • Please use the bags and if clean, please roll them up and return them to the Concierge desk.
  • If you take the bags home, please return them promptly so everyone can benefit.
  • When the bag gets dirty or stained, please wipe clean or give them a rinse under cold water and drip dry. Do not iron or dry-clean.