4 Simple ways to bring mindfulness to your workday

17 May 2022

Improve your mental wellbeing by taking the time to be mindful. At Central Park, it’s easy. Discover the ways you can bring mindfulness into your day with us.


When your days get busy, it’s difficult to be present in the moment. Instead, you may rush around on autopilot. Bringing mindfulness into your day can help reduce the stress that can accumulate over this time.

4 Simple ways to bring mindfulness to your workday

A relatively new concept, mindfulness encourages people to meditate and become aware of their feelings. Research shows that this strategy can help you manage your mental health while increasing productivity and performance in the workplace. 

At Central Park, work and life are centred. We want to encourage people to be mindful during their days and look after their wellbeing. To support our community in practising this, we have a range of initiatives and facilities available. Whether you’re a current tenant interested in mindfulness for yourself or working in the CBD and want to focus on improving your mental well-being, keep reading to find out what’s on offer at Central Park. 

This month, we’re bringing back Mindfulness in May! We will be exploring the art of mindfulness through a range of activities that will benefit your mind and body for more precise, more focused thinking. You can find out more about how you can join these mindful events at Central Park here.

1. Do some yoga at your desk

Sitting at your desk all day long can be taxing on your mind and body. However, you can recharge your batteries without even leaving your desk. Taking a few minutes to do some basic yoga stretches can help relieve tension that has built up and provide long-term health benefits if you get into a daily habit. Start with these yoga exercises to stretch your body. After taking just a few minutes, you can return to the workday with a refreshed body and mind. Or why not join us for a regular 45-min  yoga session every Wednesday lunchtime and Friday mornings. 

2. Find a minute to meditate

There are many ways you can bring meditation into your day without causing a significant disruption to your routine. Any brief activity that makes you mindful of the present moment is meditation; you don’t have to spend hours trying to empty your mind of all thoughts. Taking just one minute to meditate can help you unwind, clear your head and even increase your energy levels. 

To start your minute meditation, sit comfortably and close your eyes if you find it helpful. Take a second to notice your breathing, then focus on the sounds around you and identify them. After one minute, bring your attention back and return to your day with a clear head.

 Colouring-in is also great way to access moments of mindfulness outside the traditional methods. Immersing yourself in play-based activities like colouring-in can be like practicing a mindful meditation. You can experience these mindful moments in the Central Park lobby during mindfulness in May from 16 May through to 27 May 2022 where there will be a large colouring-in Mandala Wall for you to enjoy - solo or with your colleagues. There is no need to complete the mandala, just colour at your own time, at your own pace.

3. Rethink your commute

Your daily commute is an excellent opportunity to bring mindfulness into your routine. Try walking, running, or cycling to work rather than sitting in traffic. You may find that some light exercise will help to energise you for the day or help you unwind at the end of one. At Central Park, we offer our tenants a complete Ride and Park facility to arrive at work ready for the day ahead, no matter how you got there. 

4. Ensure you take a break

Although it can be tempting to eat at your desk while you work or during a meeting, taking breaks is vital for balance. Lunchtime is an excellent opportunity to take some time to be mindful by focusing on your meal. Enjoy fresh, nutritious food at Central Park with various delicious lunch options on offer. We also offer many spaces to unwind by yourself or catch up with colleagues and friends alike. 

Better yet, why not head outside to The Park, where you can breathe in some fresh air and take in your surroundings. In the CBD, step outside the office, and you’ll find a sprawling green space at Central Park’s base where you can recharge and soak up the daily rhythm of life. 

Find the perfect way to be mindful at Central Park. Tenants can enjoy access to our premium facilities, while visitors can enjoy the fantastic range of retail and dining options available.

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