5 Ways to have a Healthy Body and Mind in 2022 at Central Park

07 Jun 2022

At Central Park, work and life are centred. If you want to focus on improving your wellbeing, read our blog to find out how you can have a healthy mind and body with us.


In the 2nd half of 2022, focusing on your health and wellbeing is more important than ever. With an increasing understanding of the importance of mindfulness to help manage mental health and reduce stress, it's no wonder corporate health and wellness programs are on the rise.

5 Ways to have a Healthy Body and Mind in 2022 at Central Park

At Central Park, work and life are centred. From soaking up breathtaking views to a workout in the gym, focusing in the business pods, to relaxing in the parklands, you’ll find balance all around you. We have a range of activities and facilities that will benefit your mind and body for clearer, more focused thinking.

Whether you're a current tenant interested in corporate wellness programs for your team, or you're in the CBD and want to focus on improving your wellbeing, keep reading to find out how you can have a healthy mind and body at Central Park.

A Centred Life At Central Park

Be Mindful

Research shows that mindfulness can help manage mental health while increasing productivity and performance in the workplace.To support our workers in practicing this, Central Park holds a variety of events that will benefit both their bodies and minds. This month we will be exploring the art of mindfulness through a range of activities that will benefit your mind and body for clearer, more focused thinking. Find out more about Mindfulness in May and other health and wellbeing event here (link to events page)

Focus on your physical health

For many years, we have known research suggests significant physical and mental health benefits of exercising regularly. Physical fitness improves your heart and muscular health while also helping to fight disease.

Productivity thrives at Central Park thanks to a balance of facilities on offer that promote corporate wellness no matter where you are in your fitness journey. The exclusive, tenant-only fitness centre is filled with state of the art equipment and gym management to encourage workers to lead healthier, more centred lives.

The Central Park Fitness Centre provides classes, including yoga, boxing, HIIT and personal training, and access to dedicated health and fitness consultants. You can work out where you work, making it easier to find time to look after yourself within flexible hours.

Use nature to help with stress management

Working long hours, insecure job stability and heavy workloads are massive contributors to stress. On the other hand, mindfulness is a relatively new concept that encourages people to meditate by becoming aware of their feelings. One of the best ways to do this is to take a deep breath and take in your surroundings outside.

In the CBD, step outside the office, and you’ll find a sprawling green space at Central Park’s base. Here you can recharge and soak up the daily rhythm of life. Whether that’s over a coffee, leisurely lunch, or even at one of our community markets, you can choose what works for you.

For those who prefer their daily dose of Vitamin D accompanied by a ride to work, Central Park offers tenants a complete Ride and Park facility to ensure they arrive refreshed and ready for the day ahead.

Eat healthy, nutritious food

It's no secret that food is a significant factor in ensuring wellbeing.

At Central Park, we want to make it convenient and affordable to enjoy fresh, nutritious food and exceptional coffee on the go. Tenants or visitors can grab breakfast, lunch or dinner on the go, in-store or delivered by Uber Eats and Menulog.

Below are a few of our favourite healthy food options at Central Park.

  • Filled with delicious food and specially crafted coffee, you can find our popular Hemingway Cafe in our lobby to give you that food fix you need

  • Made with the freshest and highest-quality ingredients, Tokyo Station is your go-to place for finely crafted Japanese cuisine.

  • Mad Mex offers gourmet made-to-order Mexican dishes combined with fast service, so you can feel great about your lunch or dinner on the go.

  • Enjoy a wholesome and delicious lunch in the homemade spirit of Vietnamese street food at Roll'd.

  • With a broad offering of fresh salads, tasty paninis, wraps and sandwiches, plus seasonal soups made in-store, find the perfect lunch at Soul Origin.

Collaborate and socialise at work

One lesson learnt over the past few years is the importance of meaningful personal connections. Social contact is crucial for our mental health, whether it's grabbing a coffee with a coworker, collaborating on a team project in a shared working space, or catching up with a close friend over after-work drinks.

The Central Park experience combines dedicated business lounges and meeting spaces with a new cafe so tenants and visitors alike can find spaces to stay focused and unwind. Located in the lobby, the stunning design and beautiful art pieces at Hemingway Cafe will have you tempted to switch up your routines and stay awhile.

Find your work-life balance

The best way to keep both your mind and body healthy is to have harmony between different aspects of your life. Combining your physical fitness, healthy habits, mindfulness and meaningful connection will help you achieve your optimal balance.

Central Park, creating a place where work and life form a perfect balance.

Find your perfect balance between life and work at Central Park today. Tenants can enjoy access to our premium facilities, while visitors can enjoy the great range of retail and dining options available.

Looking for a space that encourages corporate wellness for your team? Contact us about leasing enquiries here.